Torah cover artwork Lyre

Torah Cover — Lyre

The Music and Arts background art is a design element from one of Temple Shir Tikva’s Torah covers. The Torah cover, shown in its entirety here, depicts a lyre or harp, a biblical instrument mentioned in Psalm 150. It is symbolic of the important role of music in our congregation. The text is Exodus 15:1, Ashira L’Adonai, “I will sing to Adonai for He has triumphed gloriously.”  The design is represented in rich vibrant colors that are described in the Torah as “the blues, purples and crimsons in the Mishkan.

Each Temple Shir Tikva Torah cover represents a basic value important to our congregation: 

  • Strong and vibrant community
  • Music as a fundamental part of our prayer and spirituality
  • Commitment and responsibility for tikkun olam, repairing the world

The covers are designed to suggest a Torah portion that speaks to one of these values, like the lyre for music; the pomegranate or lulav and etrog for community; and sparks of light for tikkun olam.