Torah Cover artwork, Pomegrante

Torah Cover — Pomegrante

The background art on the Events and Resources page is a design element from one of Temple Shir Tikva’s Torah covers. The entire design is seen here. It suggests the gathering of multitudes by using the pomegranate and its many seeds as a symbol of community. The text on this cover is from Deuteronomy 31:12: Hakel et Haam "gather the people men, women, and children and the strangers in the community that they may hear and learn to revere Adonai your God and observe faithfully.” The designs are represented in rich vibrant colors that are described in the Torah as “the blues, purples and crimsons in the Mishkan.”

Each Temple Shir Tikva Torah cover represents a basic value important to our congregation:

  • Strong and vibrant community
  • Music as a fundamental part of our prayer and spirituality
  • Commitment and responsibility for tikkun olam, repairing the world

The covers are designed to suggest a Torah portion that speaks to one of these values, like the pomegranate or lulav and etrog for community; sparks of light for tikkun olam; and ancient biblical instruments like the lyre for music.